IGSN: ECS004092

 Sample Name:HLY1202 DR4-020
 Other Name(s):
 Sample Type:Individual Sample
 Parent IGSN:ECS004003
Material: Rock
Classification:Not Provided
Field Name: Not Provided
Description:large, gray, rounded
Age (min):Not Provided
Age (max):Not Provided
Collection Method:dredging
Collection Method Description:Not Provided
Size:35x31x16 cm
Geological Age:Not Provided
Geological Unit:Not Provided
Comment:Not Provided
Purpose:Not Provided
Latitude (WGS84):77.231583
Longitude (WGS84):-156.705867
Northing (m) (UTM NAD83):Not Provided
Easting (m) (UTM NAD83):Not Provided
Zone:Not Provided
Vertical Datum:Not Provided
Elevation:-974 meters
Nav Type:GPS
Physiographic Feature:>40 degree slope near top of normal fault block imaged in seismic profile from HLY0503. West of Northwind Ridge near top of fault scarp. Target 750m water depth.
Name Of Physiographic Feature:Northwind Basin
Location Description:normal fault scarp
Locality:Arctic Ocean
Locality Description:Not Provided
Country:Not Provided
State/Province:Not Provided
County:Not Provided
City: Not Provided
Field Program/Cruise:HLY1202
Platform Type:U.S. Coast Guard Cutter
Platform Name:Healy
Platform Description:Not Provided
Launch Type:Not Provided
Launch Platform Name:Not Provided
Launch ID:Not Provided
Collector/Chief Scientist:Larry Mayer
Collector/Chief Scientist Detail:Not Provided
Collection Start Date:2012-09-22 01:04:00
Collection End Date:2012-09-22 03:00:00
Current Archive:U.S. Extended Continental Shelf Samples Repository (ECS)
Current Archive Contact Details:Brian J. Buczkowski, curator
Original Archive:ECS Samples Repository, U.S. Geological Survey
Original Archive Contact Details:Brian J. Buczkowski, curator
Relation To Parent
Depth in Hole (min):Not Provided
Depth in Hole (max):Not Provided
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Parents:ECS004003 HLY1202 DR4
Children:No Children

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