Sample Name:RC0017006D
 Other Name(s):
 Sample Type:Dredge
 Parent IGSN:Not Provided
Field Name: Not Provided
Description:Dredge successful consisting of igneous and sedimentary rocks and a biogenic element. Rocks of igneous origin consists mostly of vesicular basalts and one fragment exhibiting lava flow structures, size range of igneous rocks is from 2" to 12". Many basaltic rocks were cracked so that fresh surface may be observed. Sedimentary rocks consist of large clay boulders to 20 " in diameter. Biogenic element consists of a coral-like structure exhibiting a high carbonate content. Also, crinoid stems and sea forms which have been preserved in formalin.
Age (min):Not Provided
Age (max):Not Provided
Collection Method:Dredging
Collection Method Description:Not Provided
Size:Not Provided
Geological Age:Not Provided
Geological Unit:Not Provided
Comment:Not Provided
Purpose:Not Provided
Latitude start (WGS84):-49.8466
Latitude End:Not Provided
Longitude start (WGS84):67.625
Longitude End:Not Provided
Northing (m) (UTM NAD83):Not Provided
Easting (m) (UTM NAD83):Not Provided
Zone:Not Provided
Vertical Datum:Not Provided
Elevation start:-1042 meters
Elevation End:-848 meters
Nav Type:Not Provided
Physiographic Feature:Upper slope, W side of Kerguelen Plateau.
Name Of Physiographic Feature:Not Provided
Location Description:Not Provided
Locality:Not Provided
Locality Description:Not Provided
Country:Not Provided
State/Province:Not Provided
County:Not Provided
City: Not Provided
Field Program/Cruise:RC0017
Platform Type:Ship
Platform Name:Robert Conrad
Platform Description:Not Provided
Launch Type:Not Provided
Launch Platform Name:Not Provided
Launch ID:Not Provided
Collector/Chief Scientist:Not Provided
Collector/Chief Scientist Detail:Not Provided
Collection Start Date:1974-01-20
Collection End Date:Not Provided
Current Archive:Lamont-Doherty Core Repository at Columbia University (LDCR)
Current Archive Contact Details:Nichole Anest, peridote@ldeo.columbia.edu
Original Archive:Not Provided
Original Archive Contact Details:Not Provided
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