Sample Name:ND-23-01
 Other Name(s):
 Sample Type:Dredge
 Parent IGSN:Not Provided
Field Name: Basalt
Description:Olivine-microphyric black glassy basalt.
Age (min):Not Provided
Age (max):Not Provided
Collection Method:Dredging
Collection Method Description:Not Provided
Size:Not Provided
Geological Age:Not Provided
Geological Unit:Not Provided
Comment:Not Provided
Latitude Start (WGS84):-19.49705
Latitude End:Not Provided
Longitude Start (WGS84):-174.96621666667
Longitude End:Not Provided
Northing (m) (UTM NAD83):Not Provided
Easting (m) (UTM NAD83):Not Provided
Zone:Not Provided
Vertical Datum:Not Provided
Elevation Start:1053 meters
Elevation End:Not Provided
Nav Type:GPS
Physiographic Feature:seamount
Name Of Physiographic Feature:Volcano D
Location Description:Lava flow at base of small cone N of ND-22 at south end of volcano
Locality:Tonga Arc
Locality Description:Not Provided
Country:Not Provided
State/Province:Not Provided
County:Not Provided
City: Not Provided
Field Program/Cruise:NoToVE
Platform Type:Not Provided
Platform Name:Not Provided
Platform Description:Not Provided
Launch Type:Not Provided
Launch Platform Name:Not Provided
Launch ID:Not Provided
Collector/Chief Scientist:Richard Arculus
Collector/Chief Scientist Detail:Not Provided
Collection Start Date:2004-11-04 00:00:00
Collection End Date:Not Provided
Current Archive:Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Current Archive Contact Details:Terry Plank, tplank@LDEO.columbia.edu
Original Archive:Australian National University
Original Archive Contact Details:Richard Arculus, Richard.Arculus@anu.edu.au
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