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IGSN: ECS008033
Sample Name: HLY0905 DS3-008
Sample Other Name(s):
Sample Type: Individual Sample
Parent IGSN: ECS000010
Material: Not Provided
Classification: Not Provided
Field Name: Not Provided
Description: Aphanitic pillow basalt with visibly pronounced glassy rim which underwent secondary alterations toward being yellow clay. The thickness of the rim is about 2-3 cm. A sample is covered with black thin manganese film, broken in places, so the yellowish clayish substance is visible. Away from the contact, the rock becomes fresher but only relatively because a degree of alteration is strong.
Age (min): Not Provided
Age (max): Not Provided
Collection Method: Dredging
Collection Method Description: Not Provided
Size: 31x23x17 cm
Geological Age: Not Provided
Geological Unit: Not Provided
Comment: Not Provided
Latitude: : 79.1235
Longitude: : -154.599
Elevation: -3300
Physiographic Feature: Not Provided
Name Of Physiographic Feature: Not Provided
Location Description: Not Provided
Locality: Not Provided
Locality Description: Not Provided
Country: Not Provided
State/Province: Not Provided
County: Not Provided
City: Not Provided
Field Program/Cruise: HLY0905
Platform Type: Not Provided
Platform Name: Not Provided
Platform Description: Not Provided
Collector/Chief Scientist: Not Provided
Collector/Chief Scientist Detail: Not Provided
Collection Start Date: Not Provided
Collection End Date: Not Provided
Current Archive: U.S. Extended Continental Shelf Samples Repository (ECS)
Current Archive Contact Details: Not Provided
Original Archive: Not Provided
Original Archive Contact Details: Not Provided
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