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IGSN: ECS008031
Sample Name: HLY0905 DS3-006
Sample Other Name(s):
Sample Type: Individual Sample
Parent IGSN: ECS000010
Material: Not Provided
Classification: Not Provided
Field Name: Not Provided
Description: Volcanic breccia reminding ignimbrites. Initial stages of the eruption. Glassy volcanic material is mixed with the host crustal rocks. Possible underwater eruption because of the obvious fast quenching of the lavas. However, glass stays fresh suggesting that the interaction with water was not very long. Could be phreatomagmatic eruption to wet sediments. Thin black manganese film on the top surface
Age (min): Not Provided
Age (max): Not Provided
Collection Method: Dredging
Collection Method Description: Not Provided
Size: 17x13x10 cm
Geological Age: Not Provided
Geological Unit: Not Provided
Comment: Not Provided
Latitude: : 79.1235
Longitude: : -154.599
Elevation: -3300
Physiographic Feature: Not Provided
Name Of Physiographic Feature: Not Provided
Location Description: Not Provided
Locality: Not Provided
Locality Description: Not Provided
Country: Not Provided
State/Province: Not Provided
County: Not Provided
City: Not Provided
Field Program/Cruise: HLY0905
Platform Type: Not Provided
Platform Name: Not Provided
Platform Description: Not Provided
Collector/Chief Scientist: Not Provided
Collector/Chief Scientist Detail: Not Provided
Collection Start Date: Not Provided
Collection End Date: Not Provided
Current Archive: University of Michigan (UMich)
Current Archive Contact Details: Not Provided
Original Archive: Not Provided
Original Archive Contact Details: Not Provided
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